IASE Co., Inc., founded in 1986, has become a leader in the development of modular, flexible, and innovatively designed packaging systems while maintaining its status as a small, family-owned business.  Concentrating on the snack food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries predominant in the northeastern US, IASE's product line incorporates leading-edge technology with a conceptual design philosophy derived from 30 plus years of experience in the technical automation field.  IASE is the only manufacturer providing this level of excellence in modular packaging machinery throughout the United States. 

Some of IASE's customers include:

  • The Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies
  • Amgen Bio-Tech Manufacturing
  • Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • McKee Foods
  • Nestle Chocolate
  • Hershey Foods
  • Frito Lay
  • Bake-Line
  • Tyco International

IASE's product philosophy is to quickly and efficiently provide systems that are user-friendly, easily adaptable, and trouble-free.  To do this, IASE fuses high-quality electrical components with our expertly engineered mechanics to implement innovative solutions that meet all of our customers' needs. 

As it enters its thirtieth year, IASE promises to continue as an industry leader for years to come thanks to the expertise and innovations that have become our hallmark.  Our engineering staff utilizes state of the art 3D CAD design stations, and our machinists employ sophisticated equipment such as multi-axis CNC machinery. Together, these advances help guarantee the quality and accuracy in the manufacturing and design process that has made IASE a premier manufacturer of robotic packaging machinery.